Green testing equipment for battery, regulator and PSU.

logicdev is developing an Artificial Intelligence-based test device named Pentaload (PL), especially engineered for power regulators, and batteries (space & consumer).

Pentaload provides customers with four different functionalities:
1) a programmable power supply (voltage and current controlled),
2) a signal generator,
3) load and
4) an oscilloscope.

Our goal with Pentaload is to save our customers’ time, energy and money using AI/ML. Pentaload has demonstrated a 99.8% accuracy and 80% plus energy efficiency using simulations.
This combination of benefits is why we are unique: At present, no other solution on the market provides such high-value features to customers with AI/ML guiding the user on "how to test-DUT".
What is the key to Pentaload’s innovative high-tech features? Using GaN technology, PL will provide high-speed switching and control up to 1 microsecond (uS) to a user. Using advanced inter-leaving technology, PL is reducing the cost of converters.


Reducing the test time, energy consumption, man-made mistake and repetitive motion injury and improving the Auto-AI-based result.

Target Market

We are targeting semiconductor manufacturers, engineers, organizers of hackathons, technicians, hobbyists, testers and engineering communities who deal with power supply, battery, LED, IOT, BLE, WLC and testing.

Space connection

PL will work from -10°C to 85°C using ESA technology. ESA technology-based enclosure will create a new business vertical. i.e. equipment with harsh atmosphere capability.

team logicdev

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