ESA Space Solutions Austria

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Business powered by space
ESA Space Solutions Austria
Boosting Europe's global competitiveness

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) is home to ESA Space Solutions tasked with ‘bringing space, down to Earth’.

Transferring space technology to new applications helps boost Europe’s global competitiveness, forge numerous start-up companies, benefit regional economies and lead to new European jobs and growth.

ESA space solutions relies on a specialty network across Europe for making space accessible to all. This network is defined by three key disciplines:

  • Start-up business incubation for spin-off space technologies
  • Commercial space technology transfer brokerage
  • Patent management and the protection of new intellectual property
ESA BIC Austria
Your go-to place for space-enabled innovation
ESA BIC Austria is the place for entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, researchers and students to realise their innovative ideas by integrating space data and technologies into their space or non-space businesses. ESA BIC Austria is your key partner in leveraging existing high-quality competences to create impactful solutions for the advancement of our society.
ESA Business Applications Austria
The booster for space-enabled projects
ESA Business Applications Ambassador in Austria offers a strong network and multiple funding opportunities for SMEs and industry players to boost their business by using space systems and technologies to support service innovation in multiple areas of the economy.
ESA Technology Broker Austria
Bringing Space and Earth together
The ESA Technology Broker Austria, Brimatech Services GmbH, is the key connecting element between the space industry or academia and a myriad of non-space sectors in Austria and in Europe. They fuel industry-innovation and growth by supporting the transfer of space technology, systems, services and know-how to non-space sectors, including ESA’s own Intellectual Property, and vice-versa.
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