Connecting certified regenerative farmers, food companies and retailers

The Austrian company REFARMO GmbH is developing Regenerative Origin, a commercial digital platform to enable the delivery of regenerative farming certification with carbon verification and climate impact standards. Regenerative Origin leverages the latest satellite imagery from the ESA Sentinel satellites and will make it easier for farmers globally to adopt regenerative farm practice and certification.

Regenerative Origin will be an online platform that will utilise the latest EO data by integrating satellite images (e.g. Sentinel-1 and -2), maps, documents, checklists, corrective actions, processes and reporting together into centralised systems replacing the many systems and spreadsheets currently used. This streamlined approach will enable more effective and transparent farm practice certification.

Retailers, food companies and consumers can participate in the platform to purchase from regenerative farmers are supporting a “win-win-win” economic model which is reducing environmental impact of food production system, empowering farmers which helps generate better jobs and social conditions in rural areas.


For farmers:

  • Amazingly easy to get certified (if criteria is meet)
  • Save time and stress with self service certification
  • Gain recognition and new sales opportunities

For retailers and food companies:

  • Productivity and trust gains from automation and digitalization
  • Elevating the procurement process and data exchange
  • Easily secure sufficient supply of high-quality low impact food
  • Meet growing consumer demands for sustainable food products
  • Buying from regenerative suppliers to support soil recovery, biodiversity and carbon sequestration

Target Market
Farmers, Food Companies, Retailers

Space Connection
Earth Observation Data Processing

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Tomaž Ščavničar

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