DigniSens facilitates the handling of incontinence, decubitus and the risk of falling – with a smart sensor device tailored to the needs of nursing homes.

DigniSens is developing a sensor device that can be used in the inpatient care sector and supports people in need of care and nursing staff alike. The reusable, rechargeable sensor device, which is attached to the outside of an incontinence product, automatically detects incontinence episodes as well as distinctive, nocturnal movements and immediately notifies the nursing staff (by means of a message on the brower, the smartphone or the call system). In this way, affected persons can be cared for quickly, adequately and individually. 

This creates an immense added value: the nursing staff can implement the nursing care more efficiently and qualitatively, persons in need of care experience an increase in quality of life as well as a minimisation of health risks, since no contaminated incontinence products ("nursing nappies") can be overlooked due to the digital assistance.

In this way, DigniSens GmbH is making a contribution so that people who are dependent on the help of others can age in dignity and benefit from technical innovations.

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