We unleash the full potential of emerging Internet of Things applications in time- and safety-critical domains by providing our innovative wireless technologies.

We develop innovative software for wireless communication chips that drastically improve the performance of existing wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth (Low Energy), IEEE 802.15.4, and Wi-Fi.

Through our patented technology, we improve the reliability, efficiency, and real-time capabilities of wireless communication, allowing to safely replace wired communication also in safety-critical domains. 
Our software also implements cross-technology communication that allows devices using different wireless technologies to directly communicate with each other, which would otherwise not be possible. This does not only enable new applications, but also allows coordination among heterogeneous devices to further increase their performance.
You can seamlessly install our software on off-the-shelf devices to optimize existing applications or use our software to build new and innovative solutions in time- and safety-critical domains.

Team Dewine Labs

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