Precise measurement data, ingenious reports, reliable alerting. In real-time. Guaranteed.

DocTec combines modern IoT and BigData methods with a unique arrangement of high quality environmental sensors and data management in order to offer the best environmental measurement and documentation technology. Current areas of activity include air quality monitoring to ensure health safety and micro-climate monitoring for building safety at the reconstruction project of the Viennese Parliament.

Full range service provider for bullet proof documentation and alerting with reliable IoT and BigData technologies.

Target market
Construction Companies, Real Estate Management (sensitive buildings, public venues), Museums, Zoos, Libraries with archives, Mines, Metro Stations

Space connection
ESA's know how on anomaly investigation and novelty detection in telemetry data is the key to efficient and high quality data control, which unlocks the potential of DocTec's IoT approach to offer bullet proof documentation with timeseries data.

Founders, man with glasses and white shirt and woman with red hair in a dress, standing in front of grey background
Team DocTec

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