Team Tumbleweed
The Tumbleweed is an innovative wind-driven Mars rover that enables large-scale research.

The Tumbleweed is a next-generation Mars rover that enables large scale rapid exploration. The wind-driven rovers are deployed in swarms and dropped over the Martian poles.

While strong winds propel them towards the equator, they collect valuable data on-the-roll. Bringing the CubeSat concept to Mars, we make the Red Planet accessible for researchers, universities, and businesses.

We provide a significantly cheaper, faster, and mechanically more simple rover in a modular fashion to a larger audience.

Target Market
We provide our solution to space agencies, universities, and private space companies.

Space Connection
At the core of our project we strive to accelerate the exploration of Mars.

team of 25 young men, 4 sitting and 11 standing behind a red sofa
Team Tumbleweed
Desert, wind-driven rover, looking like a ball
Wind-driven rover

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