We are developing a communication belt that enables blind and visually impaired to run outdoors independently from guides.

The vision of WAIBROsports is to spread the joy of movement in nature, irrespective of impairments.

WAIBROsports has developed a wearable that enables blind, visually impaired athletes and hobby athletes to independently practice outdoor sports. Thus, activities, such as running and cross-country skiing are made possible for everybody. 

WAIBRO is a navigation device that basically functions like a self-driving car. It recognises its surroundings and analyses them. The specific navigation signals are converted into intuitive vibration impulses.

In addition, WAIBROsports will offer a platform with special cartographers and training modes. These can be purchased in a companion mobile application. WAIBRO is intended to serve as a companion and motivator when no personal guide is available.

Juliane Fischer, Laszlo Fabian, Katerina Sedlackova

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