We develop the hard- and software to revolutionise CNC-milling

Our startup is working on developing a new approach to industrial manufacturing.

We are using artificial intelligence to generate the necessary codes for controlling CNC-machines. Our algorithms are self-learning and enable us to do tasks, which normally take hours to complete, within seconds.

They can be used, not only with our MINImills, but also with big, industrial CNC-machines. This enables our customers to speed up their prototyping and production- process. What makes our solution really outstanding is that it can be used to not only generate the manufacturing code, but also the corresponding offer for the customer.

Thomas Schiefermair, Martin Viereckl and Jakob Neuhauser

Additionally, we are building different CNC-machines for a wide range of applications. Starting from CNC-Mills for hobbyists, to machines for startups and big companies, we are developing and building the right machines for the job.


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