Generation Z art archiving provides an intuitive database for archiving art. It is the first interoperable system on the market, giving artists, galleries and collectors the chance to cooperate smoothly and share content within a system which facilitates communication and sales.

With its free mobile app and subscription based web app caters to art lovers, artists and all art world professionals alike. By integrating existing services like Mailchimp or Instagram and linking the processes of archiving, promotion, transports, offers, invoicing and art and customer care it allows easy and efficient administration on a daily basis. The idea of implementing text and image recognition in an art archive guarantees faster input and accessability of information in the database.

With the cloud-based secure system of your information is safe and available when needed, on- and offline, and administration time and costs are reduced significantly. Because we know what counts.

Portrait of young lady – black hair, blue eyes, wearing a white shirt and a black jacket –  in front of grey wall
Victoria Dejaco, founder


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