We simplify the way you document, remember and share artworks

With we are solving every problem I had in every job I did in the past 8 years. I assisted artists for his archiving, portfolio updates and funding applications, worked in galleries as artist liaison, in sales and on loan communication and in non-profit exhibition spaces in publication management and production. During my last job, I have been creating an art archive for a private collection. The sum total of all these experiences led up to This is my vision of what art management could look like for everyone in the art world.

Together with Benjamin Novak, we conceived a first version that gives everyone the tool to build an archive on their phone, access it on their computer and share it with their contacts without the need for portfolios, exports or data transfer services. We aim at creating a management tool that serves artists, galleries, collectors, curators, exhibition makers and art lovers alike. We will be offering a free mobile app and a secure, state of the art cloud-based subscription service and together with our users continually develop new sets of features that can help grow our community and help us in our day to day business.

Victoria Dejaco and Benjamin Novak

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