R-Space facilitates a quick and easy path to In-Orbit-Demonstrations

Through its GreenBox service, R-Space is providing a product which is 100% dedicated to In-Orbit Demonstrations of space technologies. Adapted to the needs of a dynamic space business environment, the GreenBox service enables companies to verify the functionality of their product in space without losing precious time and subsequently to quickly enter the market with a product their customers can trust.

The GreenBox service is the fastest way to an In-Orbit Demonstration and is perfectly suited for customers with no previous knowledge of satellites or of in-space operations.

Target Market
Start-ups and SMEs involved in the development of upstream space technology as well as research centers supporting such developments.

Space Connection
The GreenBox service will change the way we are thinking of In-Orbit Demonstrations (IOD). From the point of view of R-Space’s customers, an IOD will be only one part of a test campaign rather than a complex space mission for which one has to wait many years.

Product picture GreenBox
Product picture GreenBox
3 men with hands crossed in front of them standing in a room with technical equipment
Team R-Space

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