Luminous Labs
Enhancing the human healthspan via specific wavelengths of light, that stimulate energy production within cells

Luminous Labs is a Graz-based longevity and biohacking company. We develop and design innovative light-centered products that enable the aging population to extend their health-span and wellbeing through smart devices that take advantage of bioactive wavelengths of light.

"On the contrary to what the media tends to sell – research on aging is not focused on living longer, or even forever. It's about keeping people healthy. As a pleasant side effect – the life span will prolong eventually" Dr. Aubrey de Grey, leading longevity researcher. 

We believe that increased longevity can only be reached with a science-based approach. To achieve a true healthspan, we utilize specific light wavelength bandwidths used in research within our proprietary light mixture, incorporate machine learning, and offer modular, industry-first products.

Team Luminous Labs
Young woman in Yoga position in front of the product, luminous red, panels hung up on the wall

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