We teach robots that humans don't have to be robots.

What we do - We teach robots so that people don’t have to be robots. Our approach combines design, intelligent software, and hardware to upgrade robotic arms and make them capable of performing limitless tasks as part of a blended workforce with people and robots working side by side. Flapjack GmbH is a deep-tech robotics software Start-up, based in Graz, Austria.

Why we do it - After seeing many European manufacturing, production facilities, and labs suffering from labor shortages on production steps solely done by people, doing heavy, repetitive tasks, co-founders Dipl. Stefan Dineci and Dr. Dipl. Matthias Zöhrer knew there had to be a better way. It was with this mindset that Flapjack was born. Flapjack’s Software Development Kit (SDK) technology enables robotic arms available on the market, to observe and understand the tasks done by people, acquire new skills, and perform regardless of variations of objects and position. This is an entirely
a novel way to program a robotic arm without the need for special programming or technical expertise, and
handling variations is a feature not offered by any commercial robot software.

Who we are - Flapjack GmbH is a registered Graz base Deep-Tech Startup, helping manufacturing and service companies to integrate AI robot solutions efficiently, keeping integration costs low.

Team Flapjack

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