We connect people who want to improve their hearing ability with those who can help.

Hearing impairment, hearing loss, tinnitus. Sooner or later we are all affected by one or more health issues. However, years have to pass by before we feel the urge to do something. On average that’s about seven to twelve years. A valuable time, which could be used to reduce or even avoid irreversible damage to our ears. 

But why, you might ask? Well, hearing loss is mostly attributed to older generations. Wearing a hearing aid before the age of 70 gives us a chill. As a consequence, we prefer to be a silent listener when meeting family and friends. TV, radio or speakers are continuously turned louder, which annoys people surrounding us. A vicious circle begins. On the one hand, family and friends lose their patience since the solution is on the plate. On the other hand, we deny the fact of having hearing loss, so we won’t feel old or fragile.

Here's the point Everlisten steps in. We want to create a rethinking of hearing loss in people's mind. Just as glasses have managed to change their cliche from being a “nerdy” visual aid to a trendy fashion product over decades, we want to prove that hearing impairment is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary! With today's technologies, we have numerous possibilities to make hearing and listening enjoyable again. And sometimes even without a hearing aid.

Regardless of whether a hearing loss is just beginning or already progressing: Together with our partners, we are developing new digital solutions and innovations to make hearing fun again. For every need, in every lifecycle and every age.

Have you ever listened?

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