ESG Chain
Supply Chain Due Diligence

ESG Chain brings full control to international supply chains. Building on the latest proposal for a EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), ESG Chain visualizes supply chains, brings in digital control mechanisms through the application of smart contracts technology and provides execution mechanisms for sanction of misbehavior in these supply chains.

In addition, ESG Chain aims to provide an impact-alert system that serves the company with non-financial supplier information most accurately and may be used as trigger to carry out mitigation (and other) measures. In order to carry out impact assessments at each supplier (and customer), we make use of AI technology. Companies can rely on better information for their decision making, optimize their due diligence processes, increase value chain transparency and take the relevant measures to increase safety within the sustainable value chain. This saves time and cost.


ESG Chain enables full supply chain controls for business facilitation (i.e., stress tests, best and alternative supplier selection) and governance requirements

Target Market

Space Connection
Key element of the impact assessment is the determination of impacts on the surface and of GHG concentration in the atmosphere, both of which can be received from satellite imagery.


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