Aeroficial Intelligence
Aeroficial Intelligence predicts future events by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and space-based ADS-B

The project AIrrival will be conducted by Aeroficial Intelligence. Using space-based ADS-B, the product developed within AIrrival aims at determining an accurate prediction of the gate arrival time for incoming flights to a specific airport in real time. This time should first be predicted at an outer marker located 50NM from the arrival airport and refreshed continuously at vital points during the approach. Through the usage of space-based ADS-B the product becomes scalable and can be easily implemented at different airports around the world.


  • Aeroficial Intelligence provides outstanding precision and reliability of predicted arrival times combined with high customization ability.
  • Airports and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) will use the predictions to enable better resource allocation as well as pre-tactical and tactical planning.
  • The product uses space-based ADS-B, which works similar to ground-based ADS-B but uses satellites to obtain information.

Target Market
Airports and Air Navigation Service Provider

Space Connection
Navigation and Space Based ADS-B

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Team Aeroficial Intelligence
Demo Software: Runway Capacity Optimizer

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