On the market – TRL 7–9

You're ready to scale-up
Science Park Graz will help you scale-up your start-up, enabling you to identify new customer segments and international markets. We've worked alongside many start-ups in their growth phase, to help them optimize their sales and logistics activities. Discover how we can scale-up your business.
Prototype – TRL 4–6

You would describe yourself as ambitious and with a strong entrepreneurial instinct, looking to scale-up your start-up. Your team is diverse and includes someone with an academic degree. You are looking to build your start-up here in Styria and benefit from our experience, know-how, and network. You’re in the right place. Find out why.

Your start-up is:
  • Innovative
  • High-tech
  • Scalable
  • < 5 years old
Let's scale-up your start-up
Our goal is to accelerate your success
Build, learn, repeat - the key to successful optimization
We love building thought experiments and hypothesis that are designed to optimize your customer experiences and reach your client acquisition targets. So naturally, we are looking forward to working with you.
Understanding the value of your ideas is essential to convince customers
All ideas need to clearly provide value, that's why we think it is essential to understand how much value your idea brings and define the return on investment for your future customers.
A clear sales strategy will lead to a healthy sales pipeline
Identifying your ideal customer profile and defining clear personas, together with a clear sales process, analytics and pipeline are the first steps towards shaping a winning sales strategy. We are here to help.
What our incubatees say
Getting answers to questions you might not even think of
Science Park Graz is providing us with advice on different levels and giving us answers to questions we didn’t even think of in the first place.
Hans-Jürgen Griesbacher
Co-founder & CEO, Trever GmbH
Incubation that helps you scale up your start-up
We are looking forward to supporting you too

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