We make tokenized markets work

Trever is a FinTech startup, providing financial services for the blockchain industry. Our vision is to create the conditions that enable digital tokens to be traded safely and easily by anyone. With our algorithms powered by artificial intelligence, we have designed all Trever services dynamically so that they are independently adaptable to every business.

With our financial insights and our technology background, we are the trusted partner for blockchain companies. We help our customers to get through the process of establishing tokens with a focus on sustainability and usability. This not only creates liquidity in the market for tokens but also increases confidence in the blockchain industry.

With our services, our customer is able to provide an easy to use experience for the end-user to simplify the whole process of buying and selling digital tokens.

Trever Team
Hans-Jürgen Griesbacher, Benjamin Rath, Marcel Schreiber, Nina Wiesmüller, Lorenz Kofler, Mathias Kahr

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