• 13 — 07 — 2022
  • Science Park Graz
Start-up Idea Competition 2022 – the finals

Your ideas matter! 

Wow! The 16th edition of our popular start-up ideas competition was bursting with innovation. We've all been waiting for this for a long time and on March 19th, 2022 the time had come: The great event finally took place live again.

As every year, the result was excellent! This year, however, we received over 250 international applications, more than ever before. This clearly underlines the importance of our annual event. We are very proud that almost half of the submissions came from women and half of the six categories in this year's innovation competition were won by female founders.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our top-class jury. They obviously enjoyed choosing the 6 winners from 18 great presentations. You have been making your most precious and valuable contribution for several years! Without them the event would not be the same! We would also like to thank everyone involved for believing in themselves and their ideas! Only those who really want to make a difference take the next step!

Key facts:

  • more than 250 international applications
  • 18 finalists
  • 11 jury members
  • 6 categories
  • 12,000 EUR prize money

And the winners are:


Project: Amplicity
Presented by
: Alexander Moga

Amplicity develops an affordable Terminal for physical card-payments based on standard components that can communicate with not one, but numerous OCPP-compliant electric vehicle chargers (one terminal for the whole charging park), that can be also retrofitted to any charging stations from various manufacturers in order to solve the main problem – intransparent, expensive, complicated charging solutions and charging card-chaos which holds a lot of users back to change their fossil fuel car to an environmental friendly electric vehicle.

Energy & Environment

Project: Biotech Materials
Presented by: Tamara Vucetic

Biotech Materials deals with R&D and sales of plant-based leather. Our vision is to revolutionize the textile market by producing plant-based leather from grain leftovers from beer production as a sustainable alternative to existing materials.


Project: Kaliks
Presented by: Paula Francekovic

Kaliks focuses on the prevention of vascular consequences of chronic diseases by using innovative and science-supported ways of preserving the integrity of endothelial cell surface.

Special Societal Impact

Project: artSIP
Presented by: Jasmin Dhanani

Together with partners from creativity science, business, and Art & Culture, we develop an app, which not only enables flexible and spontaneous access to the city’s various art & craft offerings for the hectic everyday life, it also shall systematically foster your creative potential (through analysis, enhancement und tracking) using a personal creativity dashboard. 

Digital Economy & ICT

Project: Solva Blockchain Solutions
Presented by: Clemens Scarpatetti

Solva Blockchain Solutions is a multidisciplinary provider for Blockchain-competencies and -infrastructure, with specialization in inter-blockchain communication and sustainable technologies.


Project: GATE Space Systems
Presented by: Moritz Novak

Their product, a green, plug-and-play chemical propulsion system for small- and medium sized spacecraft, is highly flexible due to an in-house developed, soon-to-be patented injector technology, and targets customers who want to reap the benefits of low- cost ridesharing, customs orbits and high in-space mobility.

Congrats to all winners and thank you to all finalists and applicants! You are great! Looking forward to next year's Start-up Idea Competition!


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