Earth Data Mesh: Supercharge productivity, streamline data management, master governance.

Versioneer's solutions enable organizations to embrace the concept of an earth data mesh, a decentralized data architecture emphasizing domain-oriented ownership and self-serve data infrastructure. Versioneer has developed its white-label product using a reliable selection of open-source software components. This software seamlessly integrates with the customer's chosen cloud infrastructure and functions as a Private Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, ensuring that data remains securely within the customer's environment.

Versioneer's solutions incorporate a ROT minimizing software layer, which identifies and eliminates redundant, outdated, or trivial data to optimize storage space, improve data quality, and streamline data management processes. This layer operates within the customer's network's data plane, complemented by a hosted control plane that guarantees the Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety, and Security of the data product.


Versioneer's product offers a holistic solution for organizations looking to implement an earth data mesh architecture, addressing key challenges related to data management and data governance.

Target market

Versioneer seeks to cater to the needs of all organizations, businesses, and research entities striving to gain insights and create products derived from earth data.

Space connection

Data gathered by satellites and other space-based sensors offers valuable insights into Earth's surface, atmosphere, climate, and other environmental variables, enabling the creation of products that benefit a wide range of industries and applications.


Stefan Achtsnit
Johannes Leopold
Martin Rösel


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