UGP Materials
UGP provides the first fully cyrstaline Polyimide as filler for advanced composites

UGP is a spin-off of Vienna University of Technology that focuses on the production of high performance fillers based on an environmentally friendly and a new non-toxic process.

Prof. Unterlass invented the process "hydrothermal polymerization" (HTP) to ecologize the industrial production of high-performance plastics. With this new process we could create our new, fully crystalline, polyimide CRYS which has interesting properties for use in composite materials. CRYS is highly stable both in extreme mechanical, thermal and chemical environments and therefore the target application is the use in high-end applications.

Our project in the Science Park Graz is to focus and understand the implications of CRYS in the space application field. For this we focus on Polyimid/Polyimid composites.

Team UGP materials

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