TOM Robotics
We enable fast and reliable collaboration for autonomous mobile robots

Intelligent mechatronic systems will revolutionize the collaboration between humans and robots. Fast, reliable and trustworthy sharing of information in real time will enable robots to look beyond the line of sight by sharing what they are perceiving. This will lead to highly improved perceptual performance and enable flexible deployment of mobile robots in the most challenging scenarios. We develop solutions for the robots of tomorrow, that will operate autonomously in these complex environments. Our technology is enabled by high precision localization based on space technology and reliable mobile communication systems.

We are the “6th sense” for autonomous cars and mobile robots by enabling reliable beyond the line-of-sight perception to make them faster and safer.

Target market
Our target market is within the field of autonomous mobile robots and autonomous driving.

Space connection
Space technology, especially precise global positioning enabled by Galileo in combination with EGNOS over the EDAS data service, allows us to put the observation into a precise global framework to share with the other robots.

Two men in white shirts sitting on a bench in front of a building
Team TOM Robotics

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