SUNNYB Innovations
We develop ultra-light solar cells for satellites

SUNNYB Innovations GmbH develops and produces ultra-light solar cells for smaller satellites orbiting particularly close to the earth.

A weight saving significantly reduces the cost of bringing a satellite into orbit, as less fuel is used in the process. In addition, the newly developed solar cells are also expected to have a significantly longer lifetime, as new encapsulation materials are used that can be better adapted to the solar radiation.

Development and production will take place exclusively at the two Austrian sites in Graz and Wildermieming in Tyrol. The three-member founding team has a total of over 40 years of experience in the development of solar technologies and has already built up well-known technology companies.

Ultra-Light solar-cell technology

Target Market
Satellite-component manufacturers, consumer products

Space Connection 
Satellite compontents

Profile of a smiling young man with dark hair and beard, wearing a shirt, in front if a white background
Stefan Ponsold
Solar cells integrated in a flat black mat

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