SOLVA Blockchain Solutions
Our vision is to connect the internet of tomorrow by building bridges between blockchains.

In an expanding world of blockchain- and distributed-ledger-technology we operate and interconnect the economy of tomorrow. Multiple coexisting blockchains are about to be connected and able to communicate with each other. With this transition to “Web3” a modernized form of internet service providers emerges. These "Web3-SPs'' handle blockchain access, validation and inter-blockchain message facilitation. As a branch-specific inter-blockchain infrastructure provider (B2B/B2C) we pioneer web3 development.

Our core operations include renting and/or self-hosting hardware (co-location in partnering datacenters), hosting blockchain databases and data exchange interfaces, validating blockchain transactions (proof of stake/delegated proof of stake) and relaying inter-blockchain protocol (IBC) transactions, while developing user-facing products like dashboards or bot-interfaces. In addition we're developing an easy-to-use, one-in-all, subscription based blockchain data endpoint service.


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