We increase your solar energy yield with highly efficient PV panels along with our innovative and fully integrated sun tracker.

An easy way to help the climate and reduce your electricity bill is to install solar panels at home to generate your own green electricity. However, many people have only very little space available to install solar panels at home, which means that their own electricity consumption is often not sufficiently covered.

To remedy this problem, we are offering a patented and completely internal sun tracker that allows significantly more efficient panels to be installed as easily and completely stationary like conventional solar panels. This has the advantage that significantly more electricity can be generated on the same surface area. In Austria, you can expect an additional yield of 20% per year on the same installment area. Thanks to the fully integrated structure, our panels are also completely maintenance-free and have a lifespan of over 20 years. Our modules can also be installed quickly and easily on your rooftop or balcony.


- Higher energy output on the same surface area thanks to a higher efficiency
- Simple, stationary and cost-effective installation
- Reliability over decades thanks to the terrestrial use of space technologies that have been tested under the harshest conditions
- Requires less semiconductor material, thanks to the high optical concentration in the panel

Target market

Our target markets in the early stage are primarily small scale residential PV installations of under 15kWp, e.g. rooftop or balcony installations, where a lack of space is often a major limiting factor and high efficiency is crucial.
At a later stage we want to expand to larger scale PV plants.
Our panels will be sold directly to the customer and to wholesalers in the early stage.
Target locations are sites with latitudes under 50°N (circa middle of Germany), where there is more direct sunlight, since diffuse sunlight can't be utilized.

Space connection

On the hardware side, our space connections are highly efficient multi-junction solar cells and high reflectance mirror foils, which are typically used in satellites as photovoltaic panels and heat shields, but we use them terrestrially.
On the software side, sun tracking software and algorithms are used to determine the suns position and track it accurately.


Leonard Stacher
Tobias Kulmburg
Clemens Gasser

018_Hr. Stacher Leonhard, Kulmburg Tobias 19.01.2024

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