Snowision helps to reduce artificial snow production at ski resorts by introducing a unique sensor for snow pack monitoring.

Snowision develops a completely automatic operational system for snow pack monitoring and forecasting. The main purpose is to reduce artificial snow production at ski resorts by 30% and improve safety on ski slopes.

Our unique sensor provides data about all snow pack properties at once, including snow depth, temperature profile, density, snow water equivalent etc., in range of up to 1 km. This range of data allows us to simulate the snow pack via computer modelling in real time and precisely predict the period of its melting. In addition, it enables the calculation of the required amount of artificial snow to be produced to keep a ski slope operating until the next cold period and snowfall. Currently, ski resorts do not work with such instruments, thus, a significant amount of artificial snow is overproduced, resulting in huge costs and waste of resources.
Snowision is the only solution worldwide, which can provide sufficient amount of data for computer modelling of an existing snow pack in real time.

Only our solution allows to reduce artificial snow production significantly, thanks to the full range of data we obtain from the snow pack.

Target Market
Large and medium ski resorts in Europe, North America, China and Japan

Space Connection
Microwave sensing technology currently is used in satellites for rough detection of snow pack in large areas, but our technical innovations allow to use this technology in terrestrial applications for more precise and sophisticated measurements of a snow pack at ground locations.

Snowvision team meeting_with_Les_2_Alpes_resort, standing outside I the snow on a mountain
Team Snowision

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