A smart BIM library and software solution, enabling the optimization of planning and construction processes as well as building maintenance.

"By choosing sustainable building materials, for each 120m2 of living space, you can save the equivalent amount of CO2 emitted by a vehicle driving 240,000km."

The implementation of sustainable buildings often fails, not because of the higher construction costs associated with ecological alternative materials, but due to the economic effort to select an affordable and comfortable construction. This is where smartbricks comes in.

The basis of Smartbricks is a building material database, backed by information on ecology (data on environmental compatibility with consideration of production, transportation, processing, disposal) and economy (construction times, installation and life-cycle costs). In Smartbricks, the building material data is used and made available as variable components, such as a wall construction. These modules can be flexibly strung together and intuitively compared with each other in the configurator or automatically replaced or optimized.

The core competence of SMARTBRICKS is to combine expertise. By using open data formats, the variable components with all stored information between builders, specialist planners and contractors can not only be exchanged, but also optimized by introducing expert knowledge. In this way, we help to connect "digital islands" and to pool data, from the medium-sized architectural office to the one-man drywall company.

Simple and efficient, Smartbricks enables planning and executives to find a more sustainable solution by combining expertise, which is economically justifiable. Thus, a sound basis for decision-making is guaranteed.

Smartbricks founders
Alexander Grossmann and Daniel Grossmann

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