SLOC digitizes forklift fleets and creates a digital twin with a real-time locating system

The revolutionary SLOC Solution addresses a core problem in intralogistics: If I do not know where my forklift is, I simply cannot optimize logistics processes. The only technology that can currently solve this problem reliably is IDentPro's rotating laser. However, this is very cost-intensive and therefore the Use Case often does not pay off. We therefore develop an indoor and outdoor tracking system that is just as reliable and makes commercial sense for the customer. We achieve this by combining smart sensor technology, optical and satellite-based positioning and an already patented "smart wheel", which can generate energy by means of the wheel rotations of the forklift - making the use of a battery obsolete.

Our USP's are a location as free of infrastructure as possible (indoors by means of markers and outdoors by means of GNSS), the economic efficiency and an easy installation and commissioning.

Target Market
The entire target group is essentially medium to large companies that operate in a competitive environment and therefore need to realize cost-saving potential in order to remain competitive in the long term. Trends such as the digitalization of production and logistics (Industry 4.0) or the Internet of Things are constantly prompting these companies to optimize their logistics solutions and adapt them to the newly available systems.

Space Connection
The unique combination of special GNSS components and supporting vehicle information enables an infrastructure-free real-time outdoor locating system that is robust in harsh environments. In contrast to competing technologies there is no dependence on external influences such as sunlight or snowfall. Furthermore, an absolute position is determined permanently.


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