Reactor simulations made accurate, fast and easy

We provide a precise, fast and highly automated, next-generation simulation program, that can be used by everyone to optimize, troubleshoot, scale up or transfer production processes in gassed and/or stirred (bio-) reactors. 
As our software is based on first physical principles, we avoid fitting parameters. Hence, the software is able to simulate reactors of different scale without having to be adapted or recalibrated. 
This enables a high predictability and brings the software closer to the ideal “first time right” principle. The advantage of being able to simulate different scales is vital in the use case “scale-up” where the software accompanies in-silico the transfer of the production process of a new drug substance from the laboratory to the industrial scale. 
With our easy-to-use interface and the automatically generated report we enable everyone to use our simulation software, competitor programs require a (costly) simulation expert.

150l reactor
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