Net shape manufacturing technology for the next generation tungsten electrodes for welding and additive manufacturing

The goal is to transfer the successful used technology for net shape manufacturing of tungsten parts used in space applications to non-space applications. Tungsten electrodes were chosen, because with RHP’s approach they can be manufactured with a high freedom of design regarding their geometry, plus, their production will be cheaper compared to conventional manufacturing. These electrodes can be used in various types of welding applications – either in the traditional welding industry or in the additive manufacturing equipment industry. For the project a standard geometry will be used first for the initial development activities and verification of the new manufacturing process. In a second step a new geometry will be designed and evaluated.

The USP is the large flexibility for manufacturing of electrodes with various geometries. This can be done in a very efficient way by using a net shape manufacturing method. 

Target market
The target market is clearly the welding industry and the additive manufacturing industry where these electrodes are of relevance. 

Space Connection
Originally, the manufacturing method for the tungsten electrodes was developed for components used in space propulsion systems.


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