We enable rapid diagnostics and vaccine development, by providing a safe, ecological and sustainable source of proteins, using yeast cell factories.

Our mission is to provide solutions for the recombinant production of natural biomaterials. We focus on the production of protein-based (biological) molecules with unique physical and biochemical properties. We believe proteins are key to some of society's greatest challenges.

We use the yeast P. pastoris for protein production. P. pastoris combines the simplicity of bacterial expression systems with some essential features of higher eukaryotic hosts.

Due to the current situation, the COVID-19 pandemic, we are focusing on the SARS-COV-2 spike protein (antigen). Our antigens will be used as basis for antibody tests and subsequently also tested as possible vaccine candidates.

Blond woman, founder, sitting in front of a laptop
Claudia Rinnofner

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