We revolutionize financial management with our AI-driven invoice platform, effortlessly extracting data, generating tax-ready booking lines, and simplifying archiving.

The invoice handling process among most tax advisors lacks digitalization entirely. Typically, invoices are received either physically, sometimes even stored in shoe cartons, or via email, and then manually entered into their bookkeeping system. This cumbersome method consumes a considerable amount of time, resulting in increased costs for both parties involved.

Here at, we've developed a cutting-edge AI-powered invoice processing platform with integrated archiving to address this issue. Our solution is designed specifically for tax advisors, allowing them to offer our white-label platform directly to their clients, creating a seamless and user-friendly experience for everyone. By adopting our platform, not only can significant time and money be saved, but it also reduces paper usage, eliminating the need to print and store physical copies of invoices. Moreover, our platform includes an integrated invoice creation functionality, which effectively prevents common errors.

Martin Haubenwallner, Julian Thonhauser

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