Digitalising sports

Our products are developed for the ski sport, in order to offer competitive athletes in this area the possibility to measure and analyze all their trainings. This gives them the opportunity to increase their performance. In the field of timekeeping for sports, the obsolete, extensive and complicated radio technology is still mainly used. Therefore, these products are hardly used for training, but almost only for competitions.

What makes our system so unique is the use of satellite technology for accurate determination of time and location and the IoT technology used for the sensors. That Is why our solution is simpler, more accurate, more flexible and less error prone. In addition, our devices are much smaller and lightweight by using these technologies.

Furthermore, we offer operators of ski resorts fixed, digitized tracks that can be used by the masses. A solution for ski schools completes our offering.

We provide our customers with live results and what´s more, a direct connection to social media. Thus, we connect the digital world with the physical.

Personalized, real-time sport results on your mobile devices and performance analytics.

Target market
Initially professional & amateur sports, later leisure sports, schools and playgrounds.

Space connection
Using GNSS for highly accurate timing and positioning data


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