Our innovative packaging solution for battery cells provides safety, efficiency as well as traceability and contributes significantly to the optimization of logistics costs.

Battery cells are hazardous goods and under certain circumstances like high environmental temperature or due to improper handling, they tend to catch fire or even explode. That is why they are usually well protected during operation, which is not the case for transportation. Statistics show a dramatic increase in battery related incidents, underlining the need for a safe battery transportation solution. 

Lokistix provides a reusable battery cell packaging solution for all modes of transportation. A passive-preventive cooling mechanism controls the temperature of the battery cells inside and thus provides safety. Our USP is avoiding battery fires by managing its causes, which results in significantly lower risk and less accidents. The modular and standardized design allows cells of any size, geometry, or chemistry to be handled efficiently. With an IoT monitoring system, we provide full transparency of the supply chain using live GPS, temperature, and acceleration data.


David Reiter, Patrick Schaffernak


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