Helping Autonomous Systems "See" Like Humans

LGN is an edge AI company for autonomous systems.

We develop AI that helps autonomous systems see like us – bringing human-level perception into embedded hardware. Our technology has a broad application range including autonomous vehicles and smart surveillance.

This project focusses on the high-value drone market. We use higher resolution data from drones to upscale low-resolution data from satellites. We call our product “Hyper Res Maps+”, echoing the headline-making “Super Res Zoom” feature on the Google Pixel 3.

LGN combines high-bandwidth sensor data and improve perception within bandwidth constraints.

Target market
Autonomous vehicles, mapping and smart surveillance.

Space connection
Use of satellite imagery at various resolutions.

Team, 6 people, 1 woman, standing next to each other in front of a white wall
Team LGN

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