Kraken Innovations
A novel and patented gear concept together with an innovative sensor concept enables more compact, precise and intelligent drive systems

We strive for innovative and powerful drive solutions. With our new gear concept, which eliminates the need for rotating gears for power transmission, we are able to realise larger reduction ratios than previous solutions. Due to a flat power transmission, the torques to be transmitted can be significantly increased and the emergency stop torques exceed those of conventional gearbox solutions by far. In addition, freedom from backlash and self-locking are among the features included. 

In this innovative kinematic system, it is also possible to integrate sensor technology. This makes the behaviour of the system predictable and usage-specific maintenance intervals can be realised thanks to machine learning. 
We create new possibilities for existing applications which, thanks to our drive solution, will be fit for the integrated production of the future.

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Team Kraken Innovations

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