Trusted change detection and analysis to mitigate and prevent climate change impacts

SpaceTech and blockchain are economy top performers, but highly developed separately. We looked for synergies to create mutually beneficial approaches to common issues. A joint application of SpaceTech and Blockchain would specifically mitigate impacts of various issues that can arise in supply chains. Currently, the collected Earth observation data is publicly available and used for many use cases such as natural disaster assessment, urban development and agriculture. There is no application that guarantees data integrity after it has been transmitted, received, and processed by a data provider, opening the door to data manipulation. This was the motivation of ensuring end-to-end trustworthiness of any data from space to end-users through a blockchain. SmartDigital´s ARCA platform in the field of infrastructure monitoring will be extended for satellite-based earth observation use cases and ensuring an open development environment.


High Resolution Earth Observation Services with Trusted Data

Target Market

Infrastructure, Agriculture

Space Connection

End-to-end secured satellite information pool to our customers


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