An expedition. Not an ordinary trip.

IceKing GmbH is a female-led company based in Austria, whose mission is to create a virtuous cycle between sustainable tourism on glaciers and scientific research, to tackle important challenges facing our society, including climate change, water, and energy management.

IceKing is an app for sustainable tourism on glaciers, that will also be used to crowd-source images from the tourists. The aim is to help tourists before, during and after the trip to glacier sites. Before the trip, tourists can use the app for organizing their trip in every single detail: accommodations, the to do list, the certified portfolio of guides and sherpas, the list of equipment needed.  After the trip, they will have access to an online diary that maps their journey and associates all the images and videos they took during the journey, which they can share on social media. The photos that tourists upload to the app will also be made available to scientists for environmental studies. 

Build a community around sustainable tourism and citizen science on glaciers.

Target market
Sustainable tourism, water and energy management

Space connection
Combining satellite EO data with in-situ geo-referenced crowd-sourced glacier images.


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