We aim to be Austria's leading private operated chainlink validation node. just glink it

Given the increasing pace of both active users and total value locked, we are already in the first acceleration phase of blockchain adoption in many industries. From our perspective, this is just the beginning, we believe that there will be a significant transition to a more automated and transparent world using smart contracts in every major business. To support these major shifts we have established a data validation service on modern digital infrastructure, hosted in Austria. We aim to deliver high quality datasets for a broad range of blockchain systems. These datasets range from market data for the DeFi space to weather and climate data for the emerging ReFi space. 

The Space Connection
We want to leverage the data that has already been collected using satellite technology and bridge it onto different blockchain platforms in a highly secure and redundant way. In the smart contract economy, we believe we can create new marketplaces or expand already existing ones for this data. Our primary goal is to gain access to as many data streams as possible to our node via APIs. We always take a gradual approach when verifying climate, weather, and position-related data for our node. We will first use publicly available data to test various markets, then partners with direct access to data, and finally a direct connection with the data source.

Team Glink
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