GEMMA Technology
GEMMA Technology invented a disruptive new way to convert electric energy into kinetic energy and vice versa, aiming to a power to weight ratio world record.

GEMMA Technology OG will deliver radio-frequency propulsion systems DDA & DDD - Direct Dynamic Aeronautics & Drive.

The main aim of GEMMA Technology is to offer an RF alternative to win the race towards the power to weight ratio above 26 kW/kg. Under the existing frameworks, this seems to be reachable only if superconductivity is obtained.
Our RF power system will be much lighter as conventional electro Power Trains, because there is no need for heavy housing, bearings, torque shaft, gearboxes, etc. For aeronautic applications, a tornado-like propulsion prototype is in R&D right now.

Goal: World Record 26+ kW/kg, no moving parts, no lubricants, no liquids, no rare earths.

Target market
Powertrain Automotive; Aeronautics; Space Applications (e.g. Thrust Vector Control); High torque, low rpm electric generators.

Space connection
Perfect electric – kinetic transformer for cryogenic conditions (moon car). Spin-in for thrust vector control for rockets.

Two men, founders, standing in front of a house
Team GEMMA Technology

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