GATE Space
Enabling the next generation of in-space mobility

In-space mobility is in increasing demand – both in Low Earth Orbits and in deep space. This demand for transportation, maneuverability and mission flexibility is driven by commercialisation, imminent regulations on space debris mitigation, de-orbiting and space traffic management, and our human curiosity to explore the universe.

GATE Space develops integrated chemical mobility solutions for spacecraft. All thrusters are powered by green, readily available and performant propellant combinations.

With their revolutionary new, patented injection technology, all GATE Space propulsion systems are capable of precise continuous deep-throttling and pulsed operation. This allows for highly efficient thruster configurations, manoeuvres and spacecraft stabilisation. Moreover, its completely new design allows for an industry-disrupting low degree of complexity, a stable supply chain, short lead times, and outstanding cost-effectiveness from the perspective of the customer.

Team GATE Space


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