From Space to Everest: a Nanocellulose-based solution for performing thermal insulation padding.

The hero of the story are Nanocellulose-based Aerogels.
FreyZein's breakthrough technology centers on creating monomaterial solutions, including loose paddings, battings and nonwoven fabrics. These materials offer incredible thermal insulation properties while maintaining the flexibility and breathability of traditional padding.Magic?

Achieving the same or better level of insulation in a fraction of the thickness and the weight.
But the magic doesn't stop there. This innovation is eco-friendly, reducing water and petrochemicals use, and promoting recyclability and biodegradability. Plus, these Aerogels can take on additional powers, from antibacterial qualities to transparency and super-hydrophobicity. They're not just insulators; they're versatile materials, poised to shape the future of textiles.


Cellulose monomaterial, biodegradable solutions, able to warrant the same softness, flexibility and breathability of a traditional padding, together with Aerogel's thermal insulation characteristics.

Target market

Outdoor and Sportswear.

Space connection

Aerogel born in the Space sector, Cellulose nano-engineered lightweight Aerogels are potentially usable in composites and functional material solutions for the Aerospace industry: films, coatings, membranes, foams.


Jan Karlsson; Barnaby Caven; Enrico Cozzoni; Sabrina Stacherl; Alvin Leer


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