We enable crystal clear communication with machines.

Evolve is a high-tech start-up specialized in AI, signal-processing and acoustics. By combining state-of-the-art deep learning with low resource computations and is offering a technology solution for acoustic noise cancelation. By learning the acoustic landscape of car interiors, we remove unwanted background noise, enabling a crystal-clear sound experience when using your mobile or speech recognition engine while driving a car. In particular, traffic-, car- and engine-noise, as well as radio and overlapping speech are filtered in real-time.

Hands-free navigation in cars is possible with high accuracy removing the need for distracting touch-screens. Driving is more secure, smart car assistants are more reliable and the audio quality in telephone conversations is greatly enhanced.

In the near future, also mobiles, hearing aids, and noise-cancellation headphones will be equipped with Evolve’s leading-edge technology, enabling sustainable and profitable growth in the future.

Matthias Zöhrer, CEO of EVOLVE
Matthias Zöhrer, CEO of EVOLVE, a high-tech start-up.

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