Enzyan Biocatalysis
Self-Driving Lab for prototyping of bioprocesses for more sustainable chemical manufacturing.

The climate crisis and increasing environmental concerns require the chemical industry to adopt more sustainable processes. 

Enzyan provides a solution to this need by offering process prototypes based on inherently sustainable biocatalysis. Enzyan develops these efficient, yet complex processes in its self-driving lab (SDL). To this end, we are combining a robotic platform for high-throughput data generation and analysis with a machine-learning approach. Enzyan’s SDL is going to be the fastest and most cost-efficient way to develop biocatalytic process prototypes because it maximizes the information gained from miniaturized experiments.

Team: Stefan Payer, Mattia Lazzarotto, Mathias Pickl-Farnberger, Stefan Steinberger, Elisa Lanfranchi, Wolfgang Kroutil

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