DrainBot provides railway and road operators with intelligent, autonomous tunnel drainage maintenance systems that improve economic efficiency and safety of their tunnels.

DrainBot is enabling more efficient, safer and more environment-friendly maintenance of tunnel drainage systems through a combination of several novel technologies.

DrainBot’s first product is a novel automated, modular system that allows for more efficient and safer maintenance of drainage in the tunnel. It uses a combination of robotics, electric mobility, advanced data analytics and automation to reduce the hazard to the employees, passengers and transported goods, while minimising resource consumption and completely removing tunnel locking times. This reduces the loss of profit related through drainage maintenance to railway, highway and infrastructure operators and it extends the lifetime of the tunnel (i.e. improves ROI on infrastructure investments).

Our team with experience in both new venture creation as well as in the infrastructure maintenance industry is driven by the vision of data-driven, automated maintenance of infrastructure to enable smarter and more efficient mobility.

The two young founders in their office with big windows
Philipp Lepold, Slaven Stekovic


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