One-shop dApp for Earth Observation data trading and processing, where data sovereignty and privacy are controlled by user at the very beginning

DLTEO is an AI-run, peer to peer and crowd-sourced Earth Observation (EO) data mining and trading "one-stop shop". 
As an autonomous dApp built on multiple permissionless blockchains and protocols, we build a bridge reducing friction among EO service providers, application developers and end users
Via smart contract, data mining transpiler and cutting edge post-quantum cryptography, we created a new serverless, scalable, decentralized fusion-computing paradigm
Enabling customized secondary EO digital assets as NFT to be processed and traded transparently yet privately in a quasi-real-time, from the birth to the end, enabling the exponential growth of EO market.

We are decentralised, serverless, permissionless protocol with autonomous governance, combining cutting edge cryptography schemes, we provide an new paradigm which has mutual anonymity yet is trustworthy, transparency yet preserving data sovereignty & privacy, incentive and unleashing of productivity for professional players

Target Market
EO data market with main stream users including SMEs, start-ups, universities, and individual developers, financial institutes

Space Connection
We are a platform powered by blockchain to connect Earth Observation services providers, professional/non-professional developers with users. Applications, transactions, and trades related to EO digital assets will be processed transparently and securely in a decentralized way on DLTEO.
Our platform will provide an incentive for the growth of supply and demand of downstream and midstream services, especially among SMEs, while lowering the barrier of entry into the industry. We will also reduce sources of trust issues when it comes to Intellectual Property and contract fulfillment, allowing for more complex contracts to be setup more easily. This will help reduce friction between the different market players, allowing for the entire EO industry to further its exponential growth.
Over the first phase of development, we will deploy state of the art and a number of cutting edge EO data processing algorithms on our platform. That includes open-sourced algorithms as well as close-sourced in-house algorithms (encrypted by FHE). We will also integrate DLTEO with open data sets such as Copernicus, Landsat, Sentinel, CNsageo etc in order to allow both regular users of these services and those looking for more custom downstream solutions based on such open datasets to find each-other. We are looking to make levels 1 and 2 available as starting points of users’ data pipelines. This will help both large players that do not collect (any or all of) their own data, as well as smaller players that wish to enter the market in a cost-effective way. DLTEO will also help in smaller niche submarkets that are looking for very specific downstream data formats by offering a convenient platform where such data products can be produced from new data as soon as it is released.
We will also build mutually-beneficial relationships with current industry players. We will encourage the development of a community around our open source platform, and form partnerships with EO downstream service providers and consumers, which will encourage both further growth of our platform and open sharing in the industry.
Overall, our platform will give incentive for data production, added-value production and the applications of the entire EO industry to achieve exponential growth, while lowering the barrier for entry into the EO market.

Screenshot of D2Admin Dev / Map View focusing on Earth and launch numbers

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