A DeSci platform to monetize & process (Earth Observation) data & AI models with data sovereignty controlled by users.

DLTEO introduces a transformative Web3 paradigm shift where constellation operators can securely upload their encrypted data to the blockchain. This allows algorithm developers to contribute their expertise in processing the data, incentivized by tokens, without the need for decryption. The processed data, containing valuable business intelligence, can then be directly delivered to all-level end users. This frictionless collaboration among diverse parties paves the way for exponential growth in the Earth observation (EO) data product market.


Our technology enables anyone to assist constellation operators in processing their encrypted data without decryption. The data is exclusively controlled by the constellation operators with top-level cryptographic security throughout its entire lifecycle. Instead of selling raw data, we have the capability to allow constellation operators to rent their data. This approach can enhance the sales of new constellation operators who may not have a large number of satellites in operation.
We significantly reduce the barriers for end users to adopt satellite data usage. Users can directly access business intelligence without requiring professional knowledge of data processing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This eliminates the need to purchase or subscribe to entire datasets. Our blockchain and smart contract-based solution enables GIS researchers to easily and consistently receive incentives and remuneration for their knowledge and intellectual property.
We have the potential to offer unlimited ready-to-use solutions powered by the GIS community, transforming data into business intelligence. Our platform is geographically neutral, catering to any country and legitimate client with KYC toolchain. It is fully open-sourced, permissionless, autonomous, and serverless. We are driven and owned by communities composed of individual and institutional researchers. As virtual constellation operators, we could pioneer the provision of near-real-time data coverage with commercially viable data resolution and quality.
Our network capacity is scalable, allowing our platform to handle data processing demands based on user needs. We can deliver tailored data products to professional institutes without requiring human interaction.

Target Market
SMEs of multi-industries

Space Connection
All services are based on satellite constellations, including open-sourced ones such as Copernicus, Landsat, Sentinel, CRESDA


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