A DeSci platform to monetize & process (Earth Observation) data & AI models with data sovereignty controlled by users.

On DLTEO, constellation operators could upload their encrypted data on blockchain and allow any algorithm developers to help them process the data (with token incentive) without decryption through the entire process, delivering the final business intelligence to the unprofessional end users directly. It is a significant Web3 paradigm shift, different counter-parties could collaborate seamlessly without friction and barriers, enabling the exponential growth of EO data product market.

Our tech allow anyone to help constellation operators to process their encrypted data without decryption, the data is always and only controlled by constellation operators with cryptographic level security from its birth to its end. We could enable consultation operators to rent their data, instead of selling the raw data. We could also improve the sales of new constellation operators which do not have many satellites running. We make the barriers much lower for end user to adopt satellite data usage, the user can obtain business intelligence directly without any professional knowledge about data processing in GIS, instead of buying or subscribing the access to entire dataset. Our blockchain and smart contract based solution allow GIS researchers to get incentive and renumeration from their knowledge and intellectual property easily and perpetually. We could provide unlimited out-of-box solutions powered by GIS community to transform data into business Intelligence. We are geopolitical neutral to serve any countries and any legit clients, we a fully open-sourced, permissinless, autonomous and serverless platform. We are driven and owned by communities which are composed by individual and institutional researchers. We could be the first Virtual constellation operators to provide quasi-real-time data coverage with commercially eligible data resolution and qualityour network capacity is scalable, which means our platform has scalable data processing capacity according to the demand of users. We could provide professional institutes tailored data product without human interaction.

Target Market
SMEs of multi-industries

Space Connection
All services are based on satellite constellations, including open-sourced ones such as Copernicus, Landsat, Sentinel, CRESDA


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