Dhruva Space
Full Stack Space Engineering Solutions

Dhruva Space is an award-winning Space Technology start-up focused on building full-stack space engineering solutions. The company is based in Hyderabad, India, and Graz, Austria.
We have been actively involved in building application-agnostic satellite platforms. Our vision is to offer satellites coupled with Earth stations and launch services as an integrated solution or individually as a technology solution to power space-based applications on Earth & beyond. The founding team comprises of business & technology leaders who formerly were working with Exseed Space, amg AG, Cisco & KPMG.

Faster, Affordable & Reliable

Target Market
Countries & organisations that want to launch space missions

Space Connection
The Dhruva Space team has expertise of working on space missions in India, Europe & Singapore

5 men in a room sitting and standing at a table in front of a roll up holding samples
Team Dhruva Space

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