At cyclebee, our vision is that planning a cycling trip together is as easy as ordering a pizza - cyclebee turns an idea into YOUR experience.

We are an IT startup focused on green mobility solutions, especially bicycles and multimodal transport. cyclebee develops a personalized, collaborative mobile and web app for seamless bike travel. It provides inspiration, planning, navigation and documentation, promoting an enjoyable and worry-free cycling experience. The app is inclusive and addresses the needs of each individual. It also works with cities and regions and combines digital and analog aspects through features such as wayfinding and infrastructure feedback. cyclebee targets both bike travelers/day trippers (B2C) and the tourism/bike industry (B2B). Our end users are diverse, including existing cyclists and those not yet cycling on vacation.


We combine different elements such as accommodations, breaks and arrival by public transport to create -by using collaborative features- a shared and holistic bicycle travel experience for individuals and groups.

Target Market
Our end users are the B2C sector. We have two direct target markets; 1. cycle travelers (5.5 Mio in the DACH-region) and 2. cycle day trippers (34 Mio in the DACH-region), but we are also addressing cyclers still not using the bike for vacation.

Space Connection
We utilize earth observation data to enable users to visualize their past, present, or future routes, while also developing a warning system for fire, weather, and wind. Our focus is on delivering personalized route suggestions and unique navigation experiences using satellite data for landscape assessments and route segment classifications. We're also working on integrating virtual signposts to enhance user engagement with personalized and fitting recommendations.

Foto: Maria Schnabl,

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