Circular Carbon Technologies (CCT)
We are developing a novel electrochemically based carbon capture technology that enables the decarbonization of our atmosphere

CCT envisions a decarbonized atmosphere through innovative electrochemical-based technology. Our system captures CO2 emissions, reducing greenhouse gases. It stores CO2 effectively in a porous media storage unit, seamlessly integrating with existing facilities. 

  • Exceptional CO2 capture efficiency of >95% ensures reliable and efficient carbon capture 
  • Optimal system efficiency with minimal energy consumption for optimal resource recovery 
  • Energy efficiency surpassing current carbon capture technologies setting new efficiency standards, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness 
  • Potential to operate solely on renewable electricity, reducing reliance on fossil fuels 
  • Chemical-free operation enabling a safe and eco-friendly carbon capture process 
  • Seamless integration minimizes disruptions to existing operations, ensuring a smooth transition 
  • High CO2 purity levels providing valuable, sustainable feedstock for various sectors


Justin Anthony Fink, Jan Kothgasser, Elena Heinzel


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